"No one has ever taken a PHOTOGRAPH of something they want to forget"

"Adriatic Images Photography Courses will introduce you to the beauty of Croatia, BiH and Montenegro. Because of its beauty I fell in love with the area and subsequently moved here in 2013. Adriatic Images Tailor Made unique Photography Courses and Photography Classes will hopefully leave you feeling the same. "

Why Croatia?

The history and the architecture are extraordinary.  I will show you the hidden treasures tourists miss, and having photographed, videoed and captured the landscape from all angles utilizing my drones and still cameras, you too can capture its soul. 


Photographers dream

Our Photography Courses in Dubrovnik, BiH and Montenegro are a photographers dream. The Adriatic  sea, Balkan mountains and over 1000 Islands cast their beauty through light and shade. In contrast the wild Bura winds create swirling clouds that can be a photographer’s friend. So come and join us on one of our Photography Course and see for yourself.