Adriatic Images Photography Courses

“No one has ever taken a PHOTOGRAPH
of something they want to forget”

“Adriatic Images Photography Holidays will introduce you to the beauty of Southern Dalmatia. Because of its beauty I fell in love with the area and subsequently moved here permanently in 2013. Adriatic Images Tailor Made Photography Courses and Photography Classes will hopefully leave you feeling the same. ”


Why Croatia?

Our Photography Courses in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas are a photographers dream. The Adriatic sea, mountains and Islands cast their beauty through light and shade. In contrast the wild Bura winds create swirling clouds that can be a photographer’s friend. So come and join us on one of our Photography Course and see for yourself.


Photographers dream

Having photographed, videoed and captured the landscape from all angles I can honeslty say the history and the architecture are extraordinary. Our Photography Courses will show you the hidden treasures tourists miss. As a result, you too can capture its beauty through your own lens.